Jacqueline P. Bhagavan

Jacqueline P. Bhagavan – Member of Board of Directors Jacqueline P. Bhagavan was born in Cambodia and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her childhood ended early when the Khmer Rouge practiced some of the most heinous torture, famine, and genocide in … Read More

Chenda Chhi

Chenda Chhi – Founder & Chairwoman Chenda is originally from Cambodia. During her second year in high school, the war between the Cambodian government and the Khmer Rouge ended. The Khmer Rouge took power and began their “social cleansing” by … Read More

Ken Chhi

Ken Chhi

Ken Chhi – Member of board of Directors Ken was born and raised in Battambang, Cambodia. He escaped the Khmer Rouge’s Genocide that killed half of the Cambodian population in the 70’s. One year after the Pol Pot regime came … Read More

Marc David Freed

Marc David Freed – Secretary, Legal counsel, and a Member of the Board of Directors Marc practices law in the Silicon Valley, specializing in business organizations and transactions, intellectual property transactions and real estate and estate planning Formerly a partner … Read More

Sanjiv Goyal

Sanjiv Goyal – Vice President & Member of Board of Directors Sanjiv is a global business executive, he has worked in six continents. He is CEO of Droisys, which he co-founded in 2003. Sanjiv is considered a thought leader on … Read More

Scott Karpiak

Scott Karpiak – President & Member of Board of Directors Scott’s is a Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor at Janney Montgomery Scott, and investment firm based in Philadelphia. His former position was Vice-President, Financial Advisor at Royal Bank of … Read More


Michael Kovalich

Michael Kovalich – Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Directors Michael Kovalich has been Coral Tree’s Chief Financial Officer for the past five years. Mike also holds financial and business consulting positions for other organizations besides Coral … Read More

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Alice Wang

Alice Wang – Member of Board of Directors Alice Wang has been a business development professional and brand builder for more than 15 years in the finance & accounting, asset management and banking fields. Alice currently builds and manages a … Read More