Our Mission


Our mission is to empower and nurture a generation of educated and compassionate young Cambodians. Through education, we aim to uplift lives, support community development, and contribute to global progress, fostering peace and prosperity for all. Our focus is on providing quality education to impoverished young children and women, while also engaging their families and communities and enhancing their support systems.

“It is my dream that Coral Tree Education Foundation will educate many generations of young Cambodians who will pass on our hopes and dreams for Cambodia and for the world at large. Cambodia’s recent tragic and unfortunate history confirms that life goes on, even after unimaginable horror, and that good will always overcome bad forces. Education is among the most important means of achieving peace in the world. Deep rooted anger and hatred lurk everywhere around the world and certainly in Cambodia as a result of its history and present widespread poverty. Our mission is to both to educate and also to foster compassion and integrity. Without these, our entire civilization will continue to experience too much needless suffering beneath the appearance of progress. Globally, and in Cambodia, other foundations are doing their parts, I want Coral Tree Education Foundation to be among their number in bringing positive change to people one step at a time.”

— Chenda Chhi, Founder