College Women Scholarship Program

Coral Tree Education Foundation, Inc. will match sponsors who will finance college women’s education. We assist sponsors to select underprivileged women who have proven academic and leadership potential, and who seek to further their higher education or to study specific trades, abroad or in Cambodia.

To be eligible for a scholarship fund, a student must:

  • Be a Cambodia citizen
  • Have achieved academic excellence
  • Be from impoverished background
  • Not be the recipient of substantial support from another individual or organizations
  • Have shown leadership potential
  • Attend a Cambodian educational institution full time
  • Maintain academic excellence, grade B or above on average

To apply, please send the following:

  • Completed application package
  • A proof of Cambodian citizenship (a copy of Khmer ID)
  • Copy of high school transcript or a copy of transcript from another academic institution
  • Written essay using the following subject matter as your topic: Tell us about who you are, not just your name, but who are you as a person. Your interests, your favorite things to do. Tell us about your family and who they are and what do they do work living. What are your plans after you finished your education, and what is your long term goal? How do you see yourself contribute to helping others in your country and around the world?
  • 3 letters of recommendation from teachers or employers or persons not related to applicant

If you have questions, please contact us at information on CONTACT US.