Community Learning & Computer Center


We are in planning stages for this project.

At Coral Tree Community Learning Center we plan to host the following programs:

Health Education:

We strive to educate the remote communities on safety, health and wellness practices that prevent disease, and about nutrition that will enable young parents to raise healthy children. We host classes for young mothers on health and wellness during pregnancy and on child care and child development. We follow the holistic approach to prevention of illness, such as encouraging drinking only boiled water, proper hand washing, and proper food handling. Our program will evolve to meet the needs of the community we serve.

We also strive to provide to remote communities Emotional Health Education. We educate the impacts of the traumas on survivors left over from the genocide. We educate the holistic approach and mindfulness techniques to foster peaceful ways of dealing with anger and disputes that may help reduce the incidences on domestic violence on women and children.

Adult Literacy and Practical Skills education:

We host Adult Education to facilitate literacy and provide new skills to enable parents to find better work and improve their abilities to provide for their families. We will provide classes in basic math, basic finance in small businesses, and more as we see the needs of the community.

Language Program:

We provide English language classes to under privileged students for all ages.

Computer Center:

We offer computer technical training. Our center hosts computers outfitted with high-speed internet and basic computer software packages. Beyond affordable printing for jobs applications, or student’s scholarship applications; we also host computer literacy classes, which are in high demand in poor communities. In Cambodia’s challenging job market, those who lack access to computer technology, and are unable to attend technical school, face extreme obstacles to attaining the skills they need to be competitive for jobs that enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

Our center is open to underprivileged people who are striving to achieve the skills they need to get jobs.